Of, For, with, relating to: Meta Mom. 
Rewiring  concepts in parenting, motherhood therein and beyond.

Formerly known as the *Unplugged Mom, Laurette Lynn revisits parenting topics and it’s sub-categorical concepts from a freshly rewired perspective.  

Through written and oral communication, ie: meandering blog posts, podcast pondering commentary, and quip-video unsolicited advice, Laurette shares a re-wiring experience of Motherhood Metamorphosis.  The blurred mesh threads weaving individual person-hood with parenthood and in consideration of a collision between  Motherly identification and personal self actualization. 

This space offers insight, exploration and support through a collection of experience, wisdom, personal failure and triumph and tried and tested resources, as well as input from other thinkers, doers and producers in the Parenthood/Person-hood sphere.

*The Unplugged Who? Don’t remember or know anything about Unplugged Mom?  Don’t worry. 
It will come up from time to time.   Do remember Unplugged Mom? Welcome back… we’ve done some remodeling and rewiring. 

Coming soon… MetaMom Rewired Podcast.  YouTube Channel.  eBooks.