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As a Certified Professional Sales Coach with Southwestern Consulting, I specialize in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.  We work together to overcome challenges that face contemporary sales professionals and leaders.

  • Maximize and multiply time: Prospect better, use time wisely, balance your focus for family, self care and career
  • Communicate effectively, build stronger relationships and close powerfully
  • Identify your goals, clarify your vision, stay motivated

Let’s talk about how working with me and the powerful Southwestern team can be advantageous to you and your team.  


High energy, informative and motivating presentations inspire and educate audiences.  I deliver relevant, applicable ideas and information with a big, assertive energy,. My directive is to  impact participants and ignit passion, drive and a relentless quest for purposeful growth.  

Keynote  • Corporate event • Lunch and Learn
Conference presentation • Panel participant


Coaching is the most influential and effective form of personal, positive intervention; and offers you personalized, private one-on-one service. 

Working together, our relationship is one of value, trust and great significance, as I serve you and the achievement of your desired outcomes. 

With expertise in communication and professional development, I work with professional sales people,  and executive leaders.  

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