Communication. Leadership. Growth

All living things grow.  Humans however are the only living beings that experience stagnation. Because life is often complicated, we forget that in order to live to our full potential we must continue to grow; emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.  And when we arrive – it’s time to grow some more. 
Three of the most important attributes that, when properly harnessed, empower extraordinary growth are:

  • The ability to communicate clearly, powerfully, accurately.
  • The power and skill to build and lead;  yourself and/or your team. 
  • The intimate sense of self awareness that enables you to effectively grow and elevate the quality of your success.

The following services offer direct, effective and powerful assistance in identifying, utilizing and manifesting these attributes.  
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the intense power of a think-tank

Small groups from 7-15 participants, these 8-12 week courses are dynamic, intense and powerfully transforming.  Conceptualized by historical success giants Carnegie and Rockefeller, Mastermind sessions utilize the intellectual energy of peer input and creative genius. 



Corporate Training Partnership Summits

Designed for small or large groups, training is ideal for your company staff, team or organization.  Significantly increase productivity, teamwork and sales.  Available for leadership/management or staff, training is fun, dynamic and immediately useful.  


Coaching is the most influential and effective form of personal, positive intervention; and offers you personalized, private one-on-one service. 

Working together, our relationship is one of value, trust and great significance, as I serve you and the achievement of your desired outcomes. 

With expertise in communication and professional development, I work with professional sales people, political candidates and executive leaders.  


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High energy, informative and motivating presentations inspire and educate audiences.  I deliver relevant, applicable ideas and information with a big, assertive energy,. My directive is to  impact participants and ignit passion, drive and a relentless quest for purposeful growth.  

Keynote  • Corporate event • Lunch and Learn
Conference presentation • Panel participant

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