Seed. Desperately Seeking Hope

Sometimes life is hard.  Really hard.  And the best advice falls flat because it all sounds great in theory but it doesn’t seem to resonate.  Sometimes you want to see the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel, and you’re straining to see it but it’s just not visible.  

You are willing to do what you need to do to improve, grow, change, but what does that even mean? What IS the step you need to take?  

It is hopeless.  It’s scary.  It’s dark.  All there is, is this tiny little meaningless dot.  How does that help?

More than you can imagine my friend….  Listen… 






But Are You Dead?

Things could not be worse.   Nobody gets it.  You can’t just make it better. 

You are stuck. You have been through Hell.  It’s not like everyone thinks. 

It’s too deep.  They don’t understand. 

Bills are piling up.  You’re in great trouble. 

You’re sick.  Someone close to you is sick, in trouble.  

The walls are closing in. 

You’ve been betrayed. Abused. Neglected. 

It’s worse than anyone can know. 

But did you die? 

Listen… and Welcome to the conversation…